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This page allows you to configure FSLogix Profile Container for the template. FSLogix is a remote profile solution that maintains user context in non-persistent environments, minimizes sign-in times and provides native profile experience eliminating compatibility issues.

For the complete description of how to configure FSLogix, please see FSLogix Profile Container.

After reading the FSLogix Profile Container section mentioned above, please note the following VDI specifics when configuring FSLogix for VDI:

  • To configure FSLogix in Site defaults, navigate to Farm > Site and click Tasks > Site defaults > VDI > User profile. The settings are inherited by a VDI template and standalone desktops by default.
  • When FSLogix is enabled for the template, the FSLogix software is installed automatically into the guest VM used as a source for the template. The installation is performed before the guest VM leaves the maintenance mode.
  • For existing templates, FSLogix settings can be edited and an FSLogix upgrade can be performed only while the template is in maintenance. All necessary changes are performed before it leaves the maintenance mode. If necessary, the template (the virtual machine) is restarted automatically.
  • If a running guest VM that has FSLogix configured has issues with the FSLogix agent, it has a status FSLogix not available. Hosts with this status are evicted from load balancing until the issue is resolved.
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