Allowing users to change domain password

Users can change their domain password directly from Parallels Client. In some cases, a user may be forced to change their domain password (e.g. when the password is about to expire). When changing a password, a username must be supplied in the UPN format (e.g. Since users may not know the name of their domain, you can configure Parallels RAS to pass it to the client side automatically, so users don't have to enter it.

The domain name may be specified in the RAS Console in the following locations:

  • The Connection > Authentication tab page. The tab page is described earlier in this section. To force a domain name to the client side, select the Specific option and specify a domain name.
  • In the Theme Properties dialog. Themes are described later in this guide in the Configure Themes section. Note that when you specify a domain name for a Theme, it overrides the domain name specified on the Authentication tab page (see above). To specify a domain name for a Theme, open the Theme properties dialog, select the General category, select the Override authentication domain option, and specify a domain name.

When Parallels Client connects to Parallels RAS, the domain name, specified as described above, is passed back to it. When the user opens a dialog in Parallels Client to change their domain password, the domain name is automatically added to the user name and the username field is grayed out. This way the user doesn't have to specify the domain name.

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