The URLs category is used to specify the Theme login page URL and add additional URLs to the User Portal page:

  • Theme login page: Specifies a postfix for the Theme login page URL. This field is populated automatically with the Theme name when you save it, but you can specify a name of your choice. The complete URL of the Theme login page is comprised of "https://<host-name>/" followed by the name specified in this field. For the explanation of what the <host-name> should be, please see Web request load balancing.

    For example, if you name the Theme "Theme-S1", the complete URL is https://<host-name>/Theme-S1. When you save the Theme, the URL is displayed on the Themes tab in the RAS Console (the User Portal URL column).

    Please note that the URL described above is the short version, which is easier to remember and use. The full version is:


    Both the short and the long versions are equally valid.

  • Show Parallels Client download URL. If selected, users will see the Download Client link on the Web Client page, which can be used to download, install, and configure Parallels Client on users' computers.
  • Override download URL for branded Parallels Client (Windows): Specifies a location from which your Windows users will download Parallels Client for Windows. By default, Parallels Client is downloaded from the Parallels web site. If you use a branded version of Parallels Client, you can specify its location in this field.
  • Footer URLs. This option allows you to specify custom URLs that will be placed in the Web Client footer. To add a URL, click Tasks > Add and specify a URL, a text that will appear on the page footer, and a tooltip text. When entering similar URLs, you can duplicate an existing one by right-clicking it and choosing Duplicate (or select an entry and click the "duplicate" icon next to the [-] icon). If you've added multiple URLs, you can reorder them by clicking the up or down arrow icons or selecting Up or Down items in the Tasks menu. The URLs will appear in the footer in the order listed (you can click the Preview HTML4 Theme button to see how it looks).
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