Assigning a template to a pool or group

When you create VDI host pools, you can assign a template to a pool. This can be done when you create or modify a pool, or it can be done from the Templates tab.

To assign a template to a pool:

  1. On the Templates tab, select a template.
  2. Click Tasks > Assign to pool.
  3. A dialog opens listing existing VDI host pools. Host pools that already have a template assigned are not shown in this list by default. To display them, select the Show pools with assigned template option. The template that they are currently using is displayed in the Template column.
  4. Select a host pool and click OK.

To remove a template from a host pool:

  1. Select a template and click Tasks > Remove from pool.
  2. A dialog opens listing all host pools to which this template is assigned.
  3. Select the host pools to remove the template from and click OK.

Note that if a host pool has guest VMs created from the template that you are removing, they will be removed as well. A message is displayed where you need to confirm the removal.

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