Adding and deleting pool members

A VDI pool can contain different types of members. These could be all available guest VMs, specific guest VMs, and guest VMs created from a template.

To add a member to a pool:

  1. Select a pool in the Pools list.
  2. In the Tasks drop-down list above the Members list (the upper right-hand corner of the Members area), click Add and choose a member type from the following list:
    • All guest VMs in Host. All guest VMs that are located on a given Provider. After clicking this options, you'll be able to select a Provider.

      Note: Parallels does not recommend to use this type because there's a possibility that guest VMs with unsupported OS will be added (e.g. Linux, HALB etc). If you need to use this type, please do it carefully or use a wildcard with appropriate guest VMs names.

    • Guest VM. A specific guest VM located in the Farm. After clicking this options, you'll be able to select a guest VM from the list.
    • Resource pool. A group of guest VMs that were natively configured in the hypervisor as a pool. Please note that a hypervisor may use a different term for pools (e.g. "resource pools"). After clicking this option, you'll be able to select a resource pool from the list, if any are available.
    • Template. Guest VMs that are automatically created from a template. After selecting this option, you'll be able to select a template. For more information about templates, refer to Templates.
  3. After you click one of the above menu items, you will be presented with the list of the available hosts, guest VMs, or templates from which you can make your selection.

To delete a member from a pool, select the pool, then select a pool member you wish to delete, and then click Tasks > Delete.

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