Parallels® RAS Management Portal is a modern web-based configuration and administration console designed for Parallels RAS administrators using a desktop/laptop computer or a mobile device to carry out configurations and day-to-day activities.

Parallels RAS Management Portal provides administrators with ability to:

  • Centrally deploy, manage, and configure essential Parallels RAS components such as RD Session Hosts, Connection Brokers and Secure Gateways.
  • Publish various resources from RD Session Hosts.
  • Configure FSLogix Profile Container settings.
  • Configure printing and scanning settings.
  • Manage SSL certificates.
  • Configure connection settings and MFA (Google Authenticator or other Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) apps such as Microsoft Authenticator).
  • Monitor and manage user sessions.
  • Manage administrative accounts and sessions
  • Configure mailbox.
  • Manage your license.
  • Contact support and provide necessary system reports.
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