Getting additional device information

To see the additional device information, right-click a device and choose Get Device Information in the context menu. In the dialog that opens, review the following properties:

  • Name: Device name.
  • IPs: Device IP address (or multiple addresses if applicable).
  • MAC Address: MAC address.
  • State: State (see below for the list of states).
  • Last User: The user who logged in from this device the last time.
  • Last Logon Time: The time of last logon.
  • OS Version: The operating system version running on the device. Windows portable and U3 clients are marked as "Portable".
  • Client Version: Parallels Client version installed on the device.
  • Gateway IP: The RAS Secure Gateway IP address (the gateway the client is using).
  • Secure Gateway: The RAS Secure Gateway name.
  • Last Activity: The date and time when any activity was detected from this device.
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