Updating RAS Performance Monitor

Newer versions of Grafana may be incompatible with a browser installed in the OS. A modern Edge browser is supported and will be embedded automatically in the RAS Console. But if it's not so, we suggest using a redistributable browser that comes in a form of a plugin. Plugins are available as separate msi packaged and distributed the same way as all other Parallels RAS distributions.

To avoid potential issues, Parallels RAS monitors which versions of Grafana and browser are installed and informs the RAS administrator about it when necessary. In a situation like that, when you select the Monitoring category, you will not see a dashboard as usual. Instead, a message is displayed that an updated browser plugin must be installed. To install the plugin, follow the instructions below.

  1. In the main menu (at the top), click Tools and choose Plugins.
  2. In the Plugins dialog, locate the Browser Engine plugin. The State column should indicate that it is not installed.
  3. Select the plugin and click one of the following buttons:
    • Install online — Downloads the plugin from the Internet and installs it. Click this button if you can access the Internet from your environment.
    • Install offline — In an offline environment, admin can't get the list of plugins and instead uploads the plugin zip from a local file server. Only installed plugins are listed in the plugins table.
  4. After the plugin is installed, you can go back to the Monitoring category and this time you will see the Grafana dashboard.

To update or remove a plugin (if necessary), use the same instructions as above, but select a plugin that is marked "installed" and then click Update online (or offline) or Uninstall. Please note that custom dashboards are now maintained after upgrades from Parallels RAS 18 to future versions.

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