Viewing published resources

When you want to remove an RD Session Host or an RD Session Host group from a Site, you might want to see the list of published resources hosted by the server or servers in a group. This way you can see which resources will be affected. You can do so as follows:

  1. In the Parallels RAS Console, select Farm \ RD Session hosts.
  2. To see published resources for a specific RD Session Host, select the RD Session hosts tab. To see published resources for a group, select the Groups tab.
  3. Right-click a server or a group and choose Show published resources (or click Tasks > Show published resources).
  4. The Published Resources window opens displaying the list of published resources for the selected server or group. Resource information includes:
    • Name. Resource name.
    • Status. Enabled or disabled.
    • Type. "Application" is used for published applications, URLs, network folders, etc. "Desktop" is used for published desktops.
    • Path. For published applications, specifies a path to the execute file, URL, or UNC path.
    • Parameters. Published application parameters (if any).
    • Published from. Site, group(s), or individual server(s).
  5. To refresh the list, press F5 or click the "recycle" icon (top-right).
  6. To filter the list, press Ctrl-F or click the magnifying glass icon and then specify the filter criteria for desired column(s).
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