Parallels Web Client and User Portal

Parallels Web Client is a client application that runs in a web browser. Users can use Parallels Web Client to access User Portal that allows to view and launch remote applications and desktop from a web browser.

Compared to platform-specific Parallels Clients (Parallels Client for Windows, Parallels Client for iOS, etc.), Parallels Web Client does not require end users to install additional software on their computers or mobile devices. Feature-wise, platform-specific Parallels Clients give users more options than Parallels Web Client. Nonetheless, Parallels Web Client is a fully-featured platform-independent client providing end users with an alternative method of working with remote resources published via Parallels RAS.

System requirements

Secure Gateway (hosts the User Portal and Web Client):

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher.

Client side:

  • Any HTML5-enabled web browser, except Internet Explorer.
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