The diagram below illustrates a hybrid deployment of Parallels RAS and Azure Virtual Desktop with the following characteristics:

  • Workload hosts are available both on-premises through standard Parallels RAS deployment and on Microsoft Azure through the service.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop objects such as workspaces, host pools, desktop and RemoteApp groups are created and configured from the Parallels RAS Console.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop hosts (multi-session or single-session) contain both Azure Virtual Desktop Agent and RAS Agent for management and configuration purposes.
  • Parallels Client for Windows is connecting to both Parallels RAS Secure Gateway and Azure Virtual Desktop service providing resource availability to end-users from a single interface.

AVD architecture web client

Extended values and capabilities

  • Simplify and enhance Azure Virtual Desktop deployment and management.
  • Unify administration and user experience – single pane of glass – Parallels Clients and Parallels RAS Console.
  • Extend reach with flexibility to use hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Automate and streamline administrative routines, provisioning, and management of Azure Virtual Desktop workloads.
  • Built in Auto-scale capability on Microsoft Azure and/or on-premises.
  • Management of users, sessions, and processes.
  • Utilize RAS Universal Printing and Scanning.
  • Utilize AI based session prelaunch for ultra-fast logons.
  • Accelerated file redirection with the use of enable drive cache redirection.
  • Integrated automatic image optimizations and FSLogix Profile Containers.
  • Client management.
  • Security policies for clients.
  • Leverage RAS Reporting and Monitoring from the RAS Console.
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