Maintaining RD Session Hosts based on a template

If you need to perform a scheduled maintenance of RD Session Hosts that were created from a template, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a "Disable host pool(s)" schedule that fits your maintenance window and apply to RD Session Host group(s) with the assigned template.

    When the scheduler disables the group:

    • All hosts in a group have Agent Status as "Disabled (scheduler)", the Logon Status stays 'Enabled'.
    • New sessions are prohibited.
    • If the administrator specifies the option on disable as "Reset all sessions", sessions are logged off, but templated RD Session Hosts are not removed from group.
  2. During maintenance window (or right before it) switch the template to the maintenance mode. Then apply the necessary changes.
  3. If you want to recreate all hosts on exiting the maintenance mode, you need to disable RD Session Host group(s) on the Groups tab. To do so, clear the checkbox in front of a group name (on the left side) and click Apply.

    When the group(a) are disabled:

    • Templated RD Session Hosts with 0 user sessions are removed from the group(s) (unassigned).
    • Since the templated RD Session Hosts do not belong to any group anymore, they can be recreated on exiting the template maintenance mode.
  4. Release the template from maintenance and click Yes when asked whether to recreate all clones.
  5. Enable groups which were disabled earlier. At this point, the groups will begin receiving recreated hosts to comply with the "Keep Available Buffer" setting.
  6. From this point forward, groups are provisioned with updated templated RD Session Hosts on demand.
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