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The virtual machine options include the following settings:

  • Startup and Shutdown. In this pane, you can define a number of parameters related to the procedures of starting and shutting down your virtual machine.
  • Optimization. These settings relate to the virtual machine performance.
  • Services. This pane allows you to manage two Parallels Tools-related parameters: the time synchronization between you virtual machine guest OS and Mac OS X and the mouse pointer automatic capture and release.
  • Security. The Security settings determine the overall level of virtual machine's isolation from Mac OS X.
  • Shared Folders. In this pane, you can manage shared folders and their parameters.
  • Shared Profile. These preferences let you access your Mac OS X desktop and some of Mac Home folders directly from the Desktop and the corresponding folders in your Windows guest OS.
  • Shared Applications. These settings relate to sharing applications between the guest Windows OS and Mac OS X.
  • Internet Applications. In this pane, you can set rules to open similar items with the same Internet applications, no matter to which system they belong.
  • SmartMount. These settings relate to the automatic detection and mounting of removable devices in your virtual machines.
  • SmartGuard. In this pane, you can schedule the automatic creation of snapshots.
  • Undo Disks. In this pane, you can enable and configure the Undo Disks option.
  • Crystal & Coherence. In this pane, you can configure a number of options related to the Crystal and Coherence view modes for your virtual machine.
  • Full Screen. In this pane, you can configure a number of options related to the Full Screen view mode.
  • Modality. In this pane, you can configure a number of Modality-related options for your virtual machine.
  • Gestures & Apple Remote. After enabling the options in this pane, you can use the Apple Remote and a touchpad to control some Windows applications in your virtual machine.

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