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Expand Virtual Machine Technology Basics
Expand Installing Parallels Desktop
Expand Principles of Working With Parallels Desktop
Expand Setting Up a Virtual Machine
Expand Working in a Virtual Machine
Expand Integrating Mac OS X and Your Virtual Machine
Collapse Configuring a Virtual Machine
    General Settings
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       Startup and Shutdown Settings
       Optimization Settings
       Services Settings
       Security Settings
       Shared Folders Settings
       Shared Profile Settings
       Shared Applications Settings
       Internet Applications Settings
       SmartMount Settings
       SmartGuard Settings
       Undo Disks Settings
       Crystal & Coherence Settings
       Full Screen Settings
       Modality Settings
       Gestures & Apple Remote Settings
   Expand Hardware Settings
   Expand Networking in a Virtual Machine
Expand Managing Virtual Machines
Expand Working With Snapshots
Expand Using the Boot Camp Partition in a Virtual Machine
Expand Using Parallels Add-ons
Expand Troubleshooting and Limitations