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Changing the View Mode

Parallels Desktop provides a number of view modes to make your work with virtual machines more comfortable and efficient:

For switching between these modes, you can use the View menu commands or toolbar buttons.

Switching to the Full Screen Mode

You can run a guest operating system in the Full Screen mode when the guest operating system window occupies the whole screen and all Mac OS X and Parallels Desktop controls are hidden. To see the Mac OS X Dock and the Parallels Desktop menus while working in the Full Screen mode, press Ctrl+Alt.

To switch to the Full Screen mode, do one of the following:

You may also choose the type of animation that will be displayed when switching to the Full Screen mode and back. For details, please refer to Appearance Preferences.

To return to the Window mode:

Switching to the Coherence Mode

The Coherence mode provides the highest level of integration between Mac OS X and your guest operating system. In this mode, you can have the Mac OS X Dock, Windows taskbar, and any applications running under these operating systems on one desktop. For more information on the Coherence mode, see Working in the Coherence Mode.

To switch a running virtual machine to operate in the Coherence mode, do one of the following:

To switch the virtual machine from Coherence to another mode:

Switching to the Modality Mode

When you switch to Modality, you can resize the virtual machine windows and place them side by side with your Mac's applications. A Modality window can be scaled to any size, and its content will still be active, which allows you to monitor the tasks running inside the virtual machine while you are working on the Mac's side.

In the Modality mode, you can:

To switch a running virtual machine to the Modality mode, do one of the following:

To switch the virtual machine from Modality to another view mode:

When you switch back from Modality to the Window view mode, the toolbar is hidden. If you want to add it back to the virtual machine window, choose Show Toolbar from the View menu.

To customize the Modality settings, refer to the Modality pane of Virtual Machine Configuration.

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