Expand Introduction
Expand Virtual Machine Technology Basics
Expand Installing Parallels Workstation Extreme
Expand Principles of Working With Parallels Workstation Extreme
Expand Setting Up a Virtual Machine
Collapse Working in a Virtual Machine
   Expand Performing Main Operations on the Virtual Machine
   Expand Using Keyboard and Mouse
   Expand Changing the View Mode
    Changing Configuration at Runtime
   Collapse Using Devices
      Collapse Setting up a Printer in a Virtual Machine
          Sharing a Host Computer's Printer
          Setting Up a Network Printer
          Setting Up Printing via LPT Port of Physical Computer
          Setting Up a USB Printer
       Using Intel VT-d PCI Devices in Parallels Virtual Machines
       Using USB Devices in a Virtual Machine
    Using Safe Mode
   Expand Using Shared Folders
    Making Guest OS Screenshots
Expand Configuring a Virtual Machine
Expand Managing Virtual Machines
Expand Using Parallels Add-Ons
Expand Troubleshooting and Limitations