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Expand Managing Parallels Cloud Server 6.0
Collapse Managing Containers
    Matrix of Parallels Cloud Server Command-Line Utilities
   Collapse prlctl
       prlctl console
       prlctl create
       prlctl delete, destroy
       prlctl exec, enter
       prlctl mount, umount
       prlctl move
       prlctl problem-report
       prlctl register, unregister
       prlctl reinstall
      Expand prlctl set
       prlctl snapshot, snapshot-list, snapshot-switch, snapshot-delete
       prlctl start, stop, restart, status
       prlctl suspend, resume
      Expand prlctl list
   Expand Migration Utilities
   Expand Backup and Restoration Utilities
   Expand EZ Template Management Utilities
   Expand Supplementary Tools
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