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Kernel Extensions in macOS High Sierra

If you deploy Parallels Desktop on macOS High Sierra, Mac users will need to approve kernel extensions before they can launch Parallels Desktop. See Manually Approving Kernel Extensions for instructions on how it is done. As a system administrator, you can make the deployment more transparent for your Mac users by allowing Parallels Desktop kernel extensions to load before you deploy it on Mac computers. This can be done using one of the following options:

  • Allowing kernel extensions to load via MDM configuration. For instructions, please see Using MDM Configuration.
  • If your Mac computers are not enrolled in MDM, you can use the spctl command while booted to macOS Recovery. See Using spctl Command.

Please note that kernel extensions don't require user consent if they:

  • Were on the Mac before the upgrade to macOS High Sierra. This means that if Parallels Desktop was installed on a Mac before upgrading to High Sierra, you don't have to approve its kernel extensions.
  • Are replacing previously approved extensions.