Use Windows on Your Mac

Read this chapter to find out all about using Windows applications on your Mac. Learn how to get started using Windows applications, set how Windows applications work with macOS, share applications, files, and folders between macOS and Windows, connect devices, print, customize your keyboard, and more.

In This Section

Get Started

Set How Windows Works with macOS

Mouse, Trackpad, and Keyboard

Connect External Devices

Connect Bluetooth Devices

Print from Windows

Use the Built-in iSight Camera or Another Webcam

Show a Presentation on an External Monitor or Projector

Protect Your Data

Connect to the Internet or a Network

Optimize Performance

Use Windows on Your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device

Save Time With Parallels Toolbox

Save a Picture of the Screen

Set the Appearance of Virtual Machine Dock Icons

Allow Windows Updates While Your Mac is Sleeping

Translate Words in Windows

Use the Touch Bar with Windows