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This utility is used to generate a sample Container configuration file with a set of system resource control parameters.


vzsplit [-n <num>] [-f <sample_name>] [-s <swap_size>]

This utility is used for dividing the server into equal parts. It generates a full set of Containers system resource control parameters based on the total physical memory of the server it runs on and the number of Containers the server shall be able to run even if the given number of Containers consume all allowed resources.

Without any option the utility prompts for the desired number of Containers and outputs the resulting resource control parameters to the screen.




-n <num>

Desired number of Containers to be simultaneously run on the server.

-f <sample_name>

Name of the sample configuration to create.

-s <swap_size>

Size of the swap file on the server. It is recommended to specify the swap size to be taken into account when the utility generates sample configurations.

The resulting sample configuration will be created in the /etc/vz/conf directory. The file name will be ve-<sample_name>.conf-sample. Now you can pass <sample_name> as an argument to the --config option of the prlctl create command. If a sample with this name already exists, the utility will output an error message and will not overwrite the existing configuration.