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Change VDI Provider Site Assignment

You can assign a VDI provider to a different Site in your Farm if needed. Please note that this functionality is only available if you have more than one Site in your Farm.

Note: You cannot assign a VDI provider to a different Site when there are templates, pools, or guest VMs that are in use on the current Site. If you try to do so, you will get an error and will not be able to proceed. To assign such a VDI provider to a different Site, you need to remove all dependencies in the current Site first.

To change the Site assignment:

  1. Right-click a VDI provider and then click Change Site in the context menu. The Change Site dialog opens.
  2. Select a Site in the list and click OK. The server will be moved to the Providers list on the target Site (Farm / <new-site-name> / VDI / Providers).