Parallels RAS PowerShell - Getting Started

Parallels Remote Application Server Requirements

Parallels RAS PowerShell requires 'Publishing Agent' component of a matching version to communicate with.

Microsoft Windows Component Requirements

The following components must be installed on the computer where you'll be executing Parallels RAS PowerShell cmdlets:

  • Windows PowerShell 3.0 or higher

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher

Basic Concepts

To get started with Parallels RAS PowerShell, complete thefollowing steps:

  1. Open the Windows PowerShell console.

  2. In the console, type the following command to import the Parallels RAS PowerShell module:

    Import-Module PSAdmin

  3. Create a Parallels RAS session by executing the New-RASSession cmdlet. Substitute the server name (in quotes) with the name or IP address of your Parallels RAS Licensing Server. Type your RAS administrator username and password when prompted.

    New-RASSession -Server ""

  4. Execute the following cmdlet to see the list of cmdlets included in the Parallels RAS PowerShell module:

    Get-Command -Module PSAdmin

  5. Execute other cmdlets. For example, try executing the Get-GW cmdlet to retrieve information about RAS Secure Client Gateway(s). The example below returns information about all RAS Secure Client Gateways available in the RAS Licensing Server site:


  6. To see help for a cmdlet, execute Get-Help passing a cmdlet name:

    Get-Help Get-GW

    To apply changes you've made to the farm configuration, use the Invoke-Apply cmdlet:


    To activate a Parallels RAS license, use Invoke-LicenseActivate:


    When executing the cmdlet above, you'll be prompted to enter your Parallels My Account email address and password. Passing a license key (the -Key parameter) is optional. If omitted (as in the example above), Parallels RAS is activated as a trial.