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Installing Parallels Virtual Automation Manually

During the Parallels Server for Mac installation, the Parallels Virtual Automation application is not installed on the server in the following cases:

  • You skipped the step of installing the license.
  • Your license does not allow you to use Parallels Virtual Automation.
  • You had no Internet connection when installing Parallels Server for Mac or the connection got broken for some reason.

At any time, you can install Parallels Virtual Automation manually. To do this, open Applications > Parallels, and double-click Install Parallels Virtual Automation. This will launch the Install Parallels Virtual Automation wizard.

PSFM - Choose PVA Components

This is the same wizard that is launched when you install Parallels Server for Mac and leave the Install Parallels Virtual Automation components check box selected in the Install Succeeded window. Follow the instructions of the wizard to set up Parallels Virtual Automation.

For more information on using the Install Parallels Virtual Automation wizard, see the previous section.