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Logging In to Plesk Control Panel

Linux Using the Login to Plesk link on the Plesk control panel page you can open a pop-up window to start managing the Container via Plesk.

In this window, you should open the Login to Plesk link to start a Plesk control panel session. A new browser window with the Plesk control panel is launched and you are able to get straight down to work there.

The logging in to Plesk is performed automatically, you do not need to enter the name and password of the admin user since you have already been identified by your Parallels Infrastructure Manager user credentials.

You might wish to change the Parallels Power Panel user Plesk admin password used to log in to Parallels Power Panel via Plesk. The Change Plesk Admin Password page allows you to change the current password of the admin user, which should be done from time to time to maintain the maximum security of the Container.

Note: If your Plesk version is lower than 7.0.2, the option of changing the admin password is not provided for Parallels Infrastructure Manager.

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