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Shutting Down Parallels Cloud Storage Clusters

To shut down a Parallels Cloud Storage cluster completely, do the following:

  1. Stop the pvaagentd service:

    # service pvaagentd stop

  2. Stop all clients in the cluster. To do this, on each client:
    1. Shut down all running Containers and virtual machines.
    2. Unmount the cluster file system using the umount command. For example, if the cluster is mounted to the /pstorage/pcs1 directory on a client, you can unmount it as follows:

      # umount /pstorage/pcs1

    3. Disable the automatic mounting of the cluster by removing the cluster entry from the /etc/fstab file.
  3. Stop the shaman service and disable its automatic start:

    # chkconfig shamand off

    # service shamand stop

  4. Stop all MDS servers and disable their automatic start:

    # service pstorage-mdsd stop

    # chkconfig pstorage-mdsd off

  5. Stop all chunk servers and disable their automatic start:

    # service pstorage-csd stop

    # chkconfig pstorage-csd off