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This utility is used to “scale” Container configuration. It multiplies Container resource control parameters by the number passed as an argument.


vzcfgscale [options] <CT_config_file>

Container configuration file shall be always the last parameter and the utility uses it to produce scaled Container configuration.




-o <file>

Output scaled configuration into the <file>. By default, utility prints its output to screen. Note that the file specified cannot be the same as <CT_config_file>, otherwise you will loose the configuration file content.

-a <factor>

Multiply all Container parameters by <factor>.

-c <factor>

Multiply CPU parameters by <factor>.

-d <factor>

Multiply disk related parameters by <factor>.

-u <factor>

Multiply system resource control parameters by <factor>.

-n <factor>

Multiply bandwidth parameters by <factor>.


Do not output Container-specific parameters like VE_ROOT, VE_PRIVATE, and so on. This option is useful for producing configuration samples to be used as an argument for the -–config option of the prlctl create command.

At least one multiplying argument is required. It is possible to specify more than one multiplying argument to use different factors for different group of parameters. If both –a and a specific group option is used, then the specific option factor takes precedence of the value specified by the –a option.