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Just like the Linux standard iotop utility, vziotop monitors I/O usage data output by the Linux kernel and displays the current I/O usage by processes or threads on the system.

In addition to the options of the standard iotop utility, the vziotop utility has one extra option: -E <CT_ID>. When used with this option, vziotop shows the current I/O usage by processes or threads running in the specified Container.

Another difference from iotop is that vziotop shows actual disk read/write alongside the standard total disk read/write. The latter values represent total read/write bandwidth between processes and kernel threads on one side and kernel block device subsystem on the other. In turn, actual disk read/write values represent corresponding bandwidths for actual disk I/O between kernel block device subsystem and underlying hardware (HDD, SSD, etc.). Thus, total and actual values may differ at any given moment due to data caching and I/O operations reordering in the Linux kernel.