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This utility outputs traffic usage statistics for Containers.


pnetstat [-v <CT_ID>] [-c <class>] [-a] [-r] [-h] [-t <ct|vm|all>]

The utility displays input and output traffic for Containers for each defined network class, in bytes. The network classes are described in the /etc/vz/conf/networks_classes file. pnetstat displays statistics only on Containers that were started at least once.




-v <ID>

Display statistics for the specified Container. Multiple –v options can be given to a single pnetstat invocation.

-c <class>

Display statistics for the <class> class only.


Display statistics for all classes.


Rounds down the statistics results, which is shown in bytes by default. In this case, the statistics is displayed in the following units of measurement, depending on the amount of traffic:

  • K(b)—kilobytes
  • M(b)—megabytes
  • G(b)—gigabytes

-t <ct|vm|all>

Display statistics for

  • Containers only: ct
  • virtual machines only: vm
  • both Containers and virtual machines: all

-h, -help

Display the utility usage information.