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Reporting a Problem to Parallels Team

To help improve the Parallels Desktop quality, you can send problem reports to Parallels support team. If a fatal error occurs in a virtual machine, Parallels Desktop automatically opens the Problem Report for Parallels Desktop window prompting you to send a report. If you notice unusual virtual machine behavior, you can create a report manually by choosing Report a Problem from the Help menu and filling out the form. Parallels Desktop will create a status report and create a screen shot of the running virtual machine.

Note: Parallels team collects error reports and uses them for identifying performance issues, but does not respond to them. If you need assistance in resolving the issue, visit Parallels forum or Support page, or log us a support call.

The Problem Report for Parallels Desktop window looks as follows:

PD6_Reporting Problem

In the Specify the problem type field, you can select the type of your problem from the list. In the next field, you can add a short problem description. These two fields are optional.

In the Name and Email fields, type your name and email. This information will be used by the Parallels support team to address you for more technical details, if needed.

You can review the problem report components that will be sent to the Parallels support team and deselect some of them in the Parallels Problem Report Details window, if desired. To open this window, click See Details.

Sending a Report

After you revise the problem report components, click Send Report. The report will receive its unique id number and will be sent to the Parallels support team.