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Changing the Virtual Hard Disk Format

If you want to use your virtual machine with an earlier version of Parallels Desktop, use Parallels Image Tool to convert its hard disk image file to the old format. Image Tool can be also used to convert virtual hard disk image files created with Parallels Desktop 2.5 or Parallels Workstation 2.2 to the new format, supported by Parallels Desktop 4 and Parallels Workstation 4.0 Extreme.

Warning: If you have Parallels Tools installed on your virtual hard disk, remove them before processing the disk.

To change the format of your virtual hard disk image file:

  1. Launch Parallels Image Tool.
  2. In the Introduction window, click Continue.
  3. Specify the source image file of the virtual hard disk in the Source Virtual Disk Image File window. You may type the path and file name or use the Choose button to locate the file. The virtual hard disk image file can be found inside the virtual machine's PVM bundle. PVM bundles are stored by default:
  4. In the Select Action window, select:


    You can view the operation progress in the Processing the File window. Clicking Cancel terminates the operation.

  5. After the disk image has been successfully modified, the Execution is Completed window appears. Click Finish to close Parallels Image Tool.

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