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Managing Virtual Machines From iPhone

With the Parallels Mobile application, you can start, stop, and suspend your virtual machine or simply view its desktop right from your iPhone when your Mac is out of reach. All you need is to connect your iPhone to the Internet, launch the Parallels iPhone application, and establish a connection with your Mac.

Before you try to connect your iPhone to Parallels Desktop on your Mac:

Installing Parallels Mobile

The Parallels Mobile application can be downloaded for free from the App Store and is installed like any other iPhone application. Just search for "Parallels Mobile" at the App Store.

Starting Parallels Mobile

You can start the Parallels Mobile application by clicking its icon on the iPhone Home screen.

Adding your Mac to the Hosts list

  1. Start the Parallels Mobile application and click the add button Button_Add_iPhone.
  2. Specify the IP address of your Mac, your user name, and the password.

    When finished, click the Save button.

    Note: The computer you are trying to connect to should be turned on and have a stable Internet connection.


  3. When the connection to your Mac is established, it will be added to the Hosts list.

Viewing and managing your virtual machines

  1. Select your Mac in the Hosts list. This will open a list of virtual machines available on your Mac.
  2. The list of virtual machines displays the names of the virtual machines available on your Mac and the types of operating systems installed in them. The virtual machines that are currently running are indicated by this sign: iPhone_VMon

    Select a virtual machine from the list to see its console window.


  3. The appearance of the virtual machine console window depends on its current state:


    For managing your virtual machine, use the toolbar buttons that correspond to the actions you want to perform with this virtual machine:

When supervising applications and processes running in the virtual machine, you will need to use the Refresh button iPhone_Refresh, since the virtual machine's screen can be refreshed only manually.

To go back to the list of virtual machines, click Virtual Machines.

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