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Adding a CD/DVD-ROM Drive

You can add to your virtual machine a virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive that is either connected to a real CD/DVD-ROM on your physical computer or to an existing image file.

Note: A virtual machine can have up to four IDE devices (hard disks or CD/DVD-ROM drives) and 15 SCSI devices (hard disks or CD/DVD-ROM drives).

To add a new CD/DVD-ROM drive to a virtual machine

  1. Choose Configure from the Virtual Machine menu to open Virtual Machine Configuration.
  2. Click the Add button PlusButton in the bottom part of the Virtual Machine Configuration dialog to launch Add Hardware Assistant.
  3. In the Select Device window, select CD/DVD-ROM and click Continue.

    To add a CD/DVD-ROM drive that will have a typical configuration, choose the CD/DVD-ROM icon and click the Add Typical Device button. Assistant will create a typical CD/DVD-ROM drive ready for use.

  4. In the Add CD/DVD-ROM window, select the resource for the new CD/DVD-ROM drive and click Continue. You can choose between the following options:

    If you want the device to be connected to the virtual machine automatically at startup, select the Connected option. If you clear this option, the drive will be enabled in the configuration, but not connected to the virtual machine. You can connect it later when running the virtual machine.

  5. Your next window will be different depending on what option (Real Device or Image File) you chose on the previous step:

    In both cases, you should specify the interface type for the CD/DVD-ROM device or image file:

    You can also define the device position in the Location list or accept the position offered by Add Hardware Assistant.

    Note: The SCSI 7:0 location is not available for selecting, since it is occupied by the SCSI controller itself.

    Define CD/DVD-ROM Parameters

    When you are ready, click the Add Device button to add a new virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive to your virtual machine.

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