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More Resources

For more information and help using Parallels Desktop, see the following resources:

  • Parallels support website: The Parallels support website includes product help files and a FAQ section.
  • Parallels Knowledge Base: This online resource has valuable articles about using Parallels Desktop and other Parallels products.
  • Online documentation: You can find PDF user guides for Parallels Desktop and Parallels Transporter online by choosing Help > Online Documentation.
  • Parallels Command Line Reference Guide: This document, available on the Parallels Online documentation page, has information on using the prlctl command line utility to manage Parallels Desktop and its virtual machines from a terminal.
  • Parallels API references and the SDK programmer's guide: These guides for IT-professionals can be found on the Parallels Online documentation page.


  • Parallels welcomes your feedback on how to make our documentation more helpful. You can submit feedback using the Documentation Feedback form on our website.

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