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Parallels Tools for Mac

Install Parallels Tools

To install Parallels Tools in an OS X virtual machine:

  1. Start the OS X virtual machine.
  2. When OS X boots up, choose Actions > Install Parallels Tools and follow the onscreen instructions.

Reinstall Parallels Tools

To reinstall Parallels Tools:

  1. Start your OS X virtual machine.
  2. When Windows boots up, choose Reinstall Parallels Tools from the Virtual Machine menu.

Update Parallels Tools

If a newer version of Parallels Tools for Mac is available, Parallels Tools update automatically.

Check Whether Parallels Tools Have Been Installed

You can easily confirm whether Parallels Tools were installed. Start your virtual machine and look at the status bar of its window. If the tip "Press Ctrl + Alt to release the mouse and keyboard" appears in the status bar of the virtual machine's window, this means that Parallels Tools were not installed. When Parallels Tools are installed, you do not need to press any key to release the mouse and keyboard. They are released automatically.